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At Mount Zoomer review - Wolf Parade, The best band ever?

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Hey! I'm starting to write for a weekly alt newspaper here in Denver, and I submitted a review of At Mount Zoomer. Unfortunately, it will not be published since I'm a slacker and didn't turn it in for three weeks after I'd finished it. But I thought maybe this comm would like to read it, and if you're feeling especially nice, give me some con-crit?
If not that, at least voice your opinion! Do you agree? Disagree? Have no clue what I'm talking about? Tell me!

In attempting to distance themselves from their first album, Wolf Parade’s At Mount Zoomer begins to sound more like other rock bands. The driving piano riff of Call it a Ritual, for instance, sounds as if taken straight from a Spoon song. The new, poppier tone suits Wolf Parade surprisingly well and with their cleaner sound, the songs are considerably catchier, especially when Spencer Krug focuses on and repeats a particularly memorable line such as, “We are not at home”. Spencer Krug’s vocals remain wailed and urgent, and Dan Boeckner’s guitar parts distorted and layered, reassuring fans of Apologies to the Queen Mary, their debut LP, that while not straying too far from their roots, Wolf Parade is growing up.
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